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Ways You Can Help Strengthen USVSD’s Image On Social Media

Social media can be a great tool just like the training tools we use for our puppies.  This tool, like any other, can be used to help or hurt the cause.  We love seeing adorable pictures and videos of our puppies as they are growing up and learning how to become a service dog.  It helps to spread awareness of our organization, service dogs, and the amazing work of our puppy raisers. 


  • It’s helpful to disclose that you are a puppy raiser for USVSD.

  • Do not use USVSD’s logo as your profile or account picture.  It is confusing to anyone who follows.

Photo and Video Guidelines: General

  • USVSD clients, employees, puppy raisers, and volunteers should not be photographed or posted without permission.  Do not identify anyone in the picture or video without permission.

  • Do not post private conversations that were not meant to be shown publicly or without permission.

  • Make sure photos and videos show dogs being handled in an appropriate manner (don’t post pictures of dogs in distress or a harmful situation).

  • Make sure the posts do not show violent, graphic, or polarizing content.  Bodily fluids are common while handling dogs but should not be shown on social media.  These posts may be triggering to potential clients and are just not appropriate.

  • Do not post any ethnic slurs, offensive or defamatory comments, political views or opinions, personal insults, obscenity, etc.

  • Feel free to use hashtags that support our organization such as #usvsd, #usvsdpuppyraising, or #usveteransservicedogs.

  • Do not use hashtags that could tarnish the organization’s reputation such as #usvsddropout, #usvsdfail, or #servicedogfail.

Photo and Video Guidelines: Puppy Raising Club Accounts

  • Please clearly state that the club raises puppies for USVSD and link our Facebook or Instagram account.

Photo and Video Guidelines: Puppy Raising

  • Please do not post anything that does not follow the puppy raising contract.

  • USVSD puppies should only be shown with approved food and equipment.

  • If posting a video, make sure the commands you use are correct and are the proper commands used for all USVSD puppies.

Photo and Video Guidelines: Dog Behavior

  • The dog must be on a leash unless in a fenced in area or indoors. 

  • No interaction with non-USVSD dogs unless it’s a personal or otherwise approved dog.

  • Under 16 week-old puppies cannot make contact with the ground in public at all.

  • Dogs are not allowed in grocery carts.

  • No one should be petting the dog while they are in vest besides their handler unless for training or education reasons.

  • They are not allowed to be fed human food.

  • Posts need to be tasteful.

  • Watch corrections in videos.  They should not be harsh, over reactive, or unnecessary.

  • Dog needs to be under control.

  • No brand endorsements or deals.

  • Unless you have completed a full internship with USVSD and have received express permission, no posting training advice or instructions on how to train specific tasks, step-by-step videos.  Posting videos of training sessions is allowed and encouraged.

  • If the dog is in a non-pet friendly area, they need to be in vest.

Errors or Mistakes

  • If you make an error, please be upfront about it and correct it quickly.

  • It is never a bad idea to have someone else proofread your post to catch any errors.

Want to see your pup on the USVSD social media?

  • Send in your pictures and videos to our Social Media Coordinator, Emily Haigh, at 615-801-0338.

  • Pictures and videos should abide by above guidlines and be of good quality.

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